Jeff Thielman
Christine, Aidan, Sophie, Jack and Jeff Thielman
"Jeff's experience and hard work has been key to the steady improvement in our children's education during his nine years on the School Committee. "

Kevin Greeley

"I have deep faith in Jeff’s leadership and his commitment to public service.

As a Thompson parent, I have watched Jeff’s tireless, transparent and thoughtful stewardship of the Thompson rebuild project.

Town Meeting’s unanimous vote to finance the Thompson rebuild was due, in part, to Jeff’s careful preparation and straightforward presentation of the financing facts."

Jane Biondi - Thompson Parent

"Jeff focuses his considerable energy on key school needs.

For example, we can agree that teaching all of our children to read is a top academic priority for any school. And Arlington’s “Response to Intervention Reading Program” has propelled hundreds of elementary children up to age-appropriate reading levels and beyond. Jeff Thielman’s role in its creation cannot be overstated.

His leadership enabled us to add new programs such as “Response to Intervention” even during a challenging budget cycle with many difficult cuts. As a result, Arlington initiated a program that is a model for the entire state."

Sue Sheffler

"Few leaders had the gifts and abilities Jeff Thielman brought to the table. He is courteous; compassionate and level headed; and humanistic to seek advice and counsel from others who may have a different point of view.

An engaging conversationalist, Jeff Thielman is both an excellent speaker and thoughtful listener. "

Charlie Lyons

"I have enjoyed working with Jeff on various projects over the years. Jeff is caring, ethical, intelligent, organized and very good with people. He is skillful with groups and conducts well-balanced meetings, even with strong personalities, allowing everyone to get a fair hearing."

Ed Starr

"We need School Committee members with experience, creativity and enthusiasm to address the challenging times ahead.

Jeff is a tireless worker who is always willing to answer your e-mail or return your call. We feel very fortunate to have a person of his caliber serve the youth and families of Arlington. "

Lisa and Henry Brush





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