Jeff Thielman

"Iím pleased to announce my candidacy for reelection to the Arlington School Committee and respectfully ask for one of your two votes on Tuesday, April 10.

In Arlington and in the inner city, Iíve learned that youth of every economic level have a burning desire to create a world that is different and in their eyes, better than the one they were born into. Iím running for another term on the Arlington School Committee to ensure that our schools have the resources and talent they need to help every one of our students reach their full potential. "

Jeff Thielman




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Letters to the Editor

February 28, 2015

Thielman seeks reelection

Dear Friends:

I am excited to announce my candidacy for re-election to the Arlington School Committee.  

Our townís current School Committee is a group with diverse perspectives, and we work well together. Over the next several years, we face several challenges that I want to help address:

  • We are moving to a new set of Common Core standards and assessments designed to better prepare our children for the challenges of the 21st century. I want to be sure that Arlingtonís transition is a smooth one and done collaboratively with classroom teachers. We must provide excellent professional development for our teachers and continuously educate parents on what the new standards mean for their children. 

  • The state has adopted a new evaluation model for teachers and administrators. We want to do more than simply meet the stateís requirements. I want to be sure the evaluative process is one that is constructive and helps teachers and administrators become better at the very important work they do for our children.

  • Increasing enrollment demands create a tremendous challenge for Arlington. As the Chair of the School Committeeís Facilities Subcommittee and the lead member of the committee on the Thompson Rebuild, I bring experience and perspective to this challenge. I am eager to work with my colleagues and other town leaders to obtain state funding for the rebuild of Arlington High School and to devise a workable funding plan to rebuild the Stratton Elementary School.

  • We are forced to meet ever higher standards and comply with federal and state mandates with fewer resources than we would like. I bring to the table years of budgeting experience both in Arlington and in my professional work. My primary goal on the School Committee has been to ensure that we have enough teachers, counselors and classroom aides working directly with our children. That will continue to be my top priority if I am re-elected.

  • Finally, we have a moral and legal responsibility to educate children of all learning styles and abilities. Iíve been part of the effort over the past several years to improve programs for students with learning disabilities, and Iíve worked to add reading and math specialists to help children who struggle. Iíve also been proud of our collective effort to add more Advanced Placement and other course offerings at our high school, a critical factor in making AHS a Level 1 school. I want to continue to help our school district develop programs that ensure that all of our learners, regardless of their style or ability, are prepared to leave our system ready for career and college success.

I would be honored to have one of your two votes on Saturday, March 28th.


Jeff Thielman

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